Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spatchcock a chicken.

Though it is fairly easy to cut up a chicken raw, but even easier to do when cooked.

1. Lay hen down so backbone is on top.
2. With meat scissors or a good sharp knife, cut  close to the backbone to remove it. (takes two cuts.)
3. Discard backbone. (good for making broth)
4. Optional: Some people also cut off the extended wing tips for the soup pot. Not much meat there any way.
5. Open the chicken a little wider.
6. Cut into the cartilage on the other side so the chicken can spread out further.
7. Turn the chicken over.
8. Cuff the wings behind the body.
9. Bake,  roast, or whatever.

Some say that cutting off the drumstick ends, cutting between the leg/thigh,a and the winds/torso will cut cooking time dramatically.