Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Salad dressing.

You can make just enough for use so there is nothing to store.

Home made cheese or the cheese of your choice.
Vinegar 1 part
Salad oil 2 to 3 parts
Teaspoon of mustard
Garlic powder

Mix well

Add to salad greens.

Almost time to make more

Egg lasagna

Another easy dish that came out when red meat was sparse. Scramble eggs and boil noodles then you are almost done. Traditionally hard boiled eggs were used instead of scrambled eggs, but we prefer scrambled. If you really wanted to, you could use any cooked noodle,  If using standard pasta noodles,  just make sure you have enough to spread to make a layer of pasta.
3 or so - cups standard white gravy.
8 - freshly scrambled eggs.
7 - 8 sheets cooked lasagna noodles.
2 or so cups of your favorite cheese,
Optional: finely chopped mushrooms, in the gravy.
              peas, spinach, or other green vegetable added to the cheese.

Preheat oven 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
In casserole dish:
Lay down dome gravy to cover.
Add lasagna noodles to cover.
Add scrambled eggs (does not have to cover).
Add cheese (does not have to cover).
Repeat process for several layers.
Last layer is just noodle, gravy and cheese.

Put casserole dish in oven for about 25-30 minutes till top is brown or solidified.
Remove and let cool for a bit.
Serve. (This is even better when you make it the day before and then reheat it for a meal.

Note: eggless Noodles are so easy to make from scratch I just usually make them myself.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Frittata. pie.


Here is a quick, inexpensive, and easy dish to feed 4-6 people who might show up unexpectedly. It is certainly a Latin (in the European sense) classic meal. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1 - tablespoon cooking oil.
8 - large eggs.
1 - 29 ounce can of mixed vegetables.
1/2 - cup or so of your favorite cheese. (we use our own home made cheese).
To taste:
Garlic powder.

Required equipment:
Oven with a broiler.
Large heatproof pan or skillet.
heat proof gloves or pads.

Preheat broiler to 350 - 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Put cooking oil in pan and warm to medium heat.
Scramble eggs in a bowl.
Add the seasoning's and stir to combine.
Pour into the skillet.
Drain the vegetables.
Add the vegetables and stir to combine so that everything is uniform.
Cook for 4 to five minutes till the bottom is firm.
Top with the cheese.
Put skillet under the broiler.
Let cook for four to five minutes.
Check on it at least once every two minutes.
Skillet will be HOT!!!
When top is brown remove from the broiler using the heat proof gloves.
Let cool for a few minutes.
Slice and serve.