Saturday, July 9, 2016



1 - cup cornmeal
1 - cup flour (whole wheat flour)
2 - teaspoons baking powder
1 - teaspoons baking soda
2 - tablespoons cooking oil
Good pinch of salt
1+ - cup buttermilk (or 1 cup whole milk and vinegar)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
Mix ingredients
Pour into greased baking pan
Cook for about 10 -12 minutes untill done.
Remove cornbread from oven and let cool.
Turn off oven,

Friday, July 1, 2016

Simple custard ice cream.

Intro: Simple custard ice cream.

There are a zillion recipes for ice cream. This is just a base custard that you can add all kind of flavorings to or just eat it the way it is. We found an old ice cream maker
at a local retailer for ten dollars that they were closing out. Could not pass a chance to get it. We have been making ice cream regularly ever since. You can use the non-
ice cream machine method, but we sort of like to do it the traditional way.

Step 1: What's needed.


8 to 9 - large room temperature eggs.
1 - quart - milk, half and half, condensed milk, cream, or any combination of them.
1 - cup sugar.
2 - teaspoons vanilla or to taste.
Ice cream machine:
Plenty of Ice.
Table salt (or ice cream making salt).
Scrambled eggs:
Eggs whiles from the separated eggs. (adding cheddar cheese adds flavor and they look a bit more like scrambled eggs.)
Oil for the pan

1 - Stove.
1 - 2 quart sauce pan
1 - Metal or heat proof whisk. (again not plastic)
1 - metal (NOT PLASTIC or anything that can melt.) bowl.
1 - regular bowl.
Ice cream mixer.
Frying pan

Step 2: Egg separation and start the milk.
Wash your hands or use clean plastic gloves.
Break all the eggs (yolks and whites) into the extra bowl and discarding the shells.
Pour the sugar into the metal bowl.
Gently scoop out the yolks with your hand letting the whiles fall behind in the extra bowl.
The eggs go into the sugar.

Step 3: The egg mixture.
Pour the quart of your milk and or cream mixture into the sauce pan.
Set the oven to high heat (WATCH CAREFULLY).
Go to the next step while the milk is beginning to heat up.
Whisk the egg yolks and sugar till you get a very light color with the metal bowl on top of the heating milk..
Pull the bowl off the milk if it seems to get too wamm
This will force you to keep an eye on the milk and it well warm the eggs and sugar to make it easier to temper the milk into the sugar.

Step 4: The custard mixture.
When the milk is about 170 degrees Fahrenheit, turn off the heat.
Add a bit at a time of the milk to the eggs and sugar while whisking.
When about one cup of the milk is added and well combined, add the egg mixture back to the milk.
whisk well and reheat again till near bowling.
Turn off the heat.
Take sauce pan, cover it, and refrigerate it. do not put it in the freezer or it will become ice.
Let cool sufficiently.
At this point, you can throw the egg whites and oil into the pan for frying.
Fry the eggs up as you like them.

Step 5: Almost final stage.
Open the ice cream container/bowl of the ice cream maker and add the cooled custard mixture into it.
Remember it will expand, so you have to be careful how much you put in sometimes.
Re-cover the top well and return it to the machine.
Add the ice and salt in layers to the outside of the container but in the mixer.
Start the machine churning till the ice cream is firm.
Remove the container and put it in the freezer for further chilling.

Step 6: Tada!
Remove the ice cream container.
Open and serve the ice cream.