Saturday, January 31, 2015

Simple polenta.

Traditional method to make polenta was to get the water boiling and then slowly add in the polenta. That method now seems archaic to me. Just as slowly adding water or liquid to rice.

1 - cup corn meal aka polenta
4 - cups water
plus whatever spices and other ingredients you choose to make it sweet or savory.


Take a large enough sauce pot  and pour in one cup of the polenta.
Add four cups of water.
Stir well till the polenta is absorbed.
Turn the heat on to high. (Watch carefully)
Stir as needed till you get the little volcanoes.
Turn down the heat.
Keep stirring as needed till the polenta thickens up.
Cover and turn off the heat.
Eat when ready.

Note: adding honey can make it sweet and safer than adding sugar.

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