Friday, April 10, 2015

Homemade SOS

This is an old military sort of meal that I varied a bit.


Swiss cheese slices
Bread slices
Ground turkey
Butter or oil
Salt, peeper and etc.
Water: (several glasses)

 1. Toast the bread slices.
 2. Saute the ground turkey in 11/4 lb hunks.
3. Remove the turkey from the pan,
4. Add cooking oil if needed.
 5. Scrape up the bits in the pan to an emulsion.
 6. Add two tablespoons flour.
 7. Let that cook till the flour taste should be gone. (several minutes).
 8. SLOWLY add just a bit of water (milk or whatever) and minx into the oil and flour mixture. You will add more liquid as you go along to increase the volume of the gravy. Cdd pepper and salt as needed.
 9. Put a slice of cheese on a piece of toast.
10. Slice up a 1/4 pound of meat and put on top of the cheese.
11. Pour gravy on the top.
12 Eat.

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