Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pasta with sage-butter sauce.

Simple pepper butter pasta dish.

8 to 12  ounces uncooked capellini pasta (angel hair)
6 - turkey bacon strips
1 - gallon water )for boiling noodles)
1 - stick butter (1/2 cup)
1 - teaspoon sage
1 - teaspoon black pepper
1 - slice swiss cheese
1 - dash garlic powder


Start to boil the water in a large pot.
When boiling, add the dried pasta and cook for several minutes.
In a skillet fry  the bacon strips till semi-crisp, the remove for skillet.
Melt the stick of butter gently.
Add the pepper and sage.
Tear bacon into small pieces and add back to the pan.
Remove the pasta from the water and add to the skillet and toss well.
Tear a slice of swiss cheese and add to the skillet.
Add garlic powder to taste.
Stir well and server while hot.

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